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Provider Focus: Dr. Angela Godejohn

GodejohnStandupCutout2017Though she has travelled the world, Family Practice and Obstetrics Physician Angela Godejohn, MD, is most content living in a small town.

“I grew up in a tiny town in Minnesota and I wanted a similar experience for my son,” Dr. Godejohn explained. “Before I was a mother, traveling and moving every two to three years in the military was exciting but I missed having roots in a community.

“I lived in West Virginia for a year before meeting our neighbors. After one day in Oskaloosa, I had already met all of our neighbors and my son attended a fishing derby and is making friends!”

That type of close-knit community is exactly what Dr. Godejohn was looking for in a place for her and her son to call home. After practicing and teaching at the West Virginia University School of Medicine for the past two years and working in Cedar Rapids before that, Dr. Godejohn was excited to receive such a warm welcome in Oskaloosa.

“One of the reasons I specialized in family medicine was because of the relationships I form with my patients and the continuum of care,” Dr. Godejohn shared.

“Helping a person who is struggling find a solution and come out the other side is an experience I treasure. It’s a similar experience with obstetrics. Caring for a mom throughout her pregnancy to bring a healthy baby into the world is so special.

“The interaction between a family physician and our patients is so personal,” Dr. Godejohn expanded. “In metropolitan areas, you lose that close-knit bond because people are hopping from one specialist to another. The family medicine tradition has been preserved in rural areas like the Midwest and we’re so lucky!

For obstetrical care at MHP, Dr. Godejohn joins OB/GYN Specialist Jeffrey Fowler, DO; and Family Practice with Obstetrics Physicians Shawn Richmond, MD; and Case Everett, MD. “There is a great partnership among the delivering physicians at MHP and I’m excited to be part of it,” Dr. Godejohn said.

If you’re newly pregnant or looking to begin a relationship with a primary care provider, Dr. Godejohn is now accepting new patients at the MHP Medical Group. For an appointment, call 641.672.3360.