Massage Therapy


Mahaska Health Partnership understands the value of healing massage for both mind and body, which is why we employ talented massage therapists for 30-minute, 60-minute, and 90-minute sessions. You don’t have to be a patient to enjoy this wonderfully relaxing experience – our massage therapists travel off-site for parties and offices, and our massage facilities are open to all. Why not pair a massage with your next appointment? We offer:

30 minutes for $35

60 minutes for $55

90 minutes for $75

Types of Massage:

  • Chair Massage – Offered to off-site groups, parties and offices who’d like a little pampering.

  • Relaxation & Deep Tissue Massage – Deep pressure reduces chronic muscle tension and pain, improving joint circulation and flexibility. If it’s too deep, just say so – our therapists aim to please.

  • Reflexology – Relaxing pressure is applied to ears, hands and feet, based on the idea that the whole body is connected, and that soothing nerves in one area can remedy problems in other areas.

  • Prenatal Massage – Our specially designed prenatal massage pillow gives mothers-to-be some much-needed tummy-time as they enjoy a tension-melting back massage.

And, if you’ve just given birth in our Birthing Center, we gift you a free 30-minute massage during your stay or after you go home (you’ve earned it!). 

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