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A Letter From Foundation Director Cathy Stahl

Dear Neighbor,


The holiday season is a time to remember and celebrate the many gifts in our lives including family, friends, good health and happiness. For my family, it’s also a time when we consider ways in which we “Give Back” and share some of our blessings with others who are less fortunate and need our help.


We are blessed to live in a community where the opportunities to help our fellow neighbors are
abundant and where there are so many organizations doing such great work for the benefit of others. This year, I ask you to consider helping those members of our community who are not able to list “good health” among their blessings by making a gift to the Mahaska Health Foundation.


Each year, Mahaska Health provides over 100,000 patient days and patient visits to the community we serve. Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, the healthcare team at Mahaska Health responds with compassion to the healthcare needs of area families. I encourage you to be a partner in healthcare by providing financial support our healthcare mission.


Enclosed is a form listing giving opportunities at Mahaska Health. I encourage you to consider making your contribution today.



Cathy Stahl
MHP Foundation Director



“There is no such thing as a small gift; there are only gifts that are greatly appreciated!”


Click here to make a donation online today.


Published Nov 29, 2018

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