As a patient at Mahaska Health we have created an environment where you and your family are the center and primary focus of our care. To ensure your ongoing safety and comfort, we personalize our care to your specific needs and keep you and your family informed.

Virtual Visits

Having support from family and friends is an important part of your well-being. That is why we offer virtual visits through video chat to enable our patients to connect with their loves ones. Our staff is equipped with the technical knowledge to get you connected!

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Visiting Hours

Visitors between 7am and 6pm should enter through entrance #4. Any other time or on the weekend, use entrance #5.

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Your Stay With Us

Mahaska Health’s Swing Bed Program is designed for patients who are well enough to be out of the hospital, but not strong enough to discharge to another setting. The term ‘swing bed’ originates from the idea that patients in the program will ‘swing,’ or transition, from inpatient acute illness care to a rehabilitation focus. The Program is designed for all age groups needing skilled care, who meet admission guidelines and are willing to participate in the restorative program.

For many patients, the Swing Bed Program is a positive alternative for rehabilitation and feels like a continued hospital stay.

Available Skilled Services:
• Physical and Occupational therapy
• Speech therapy
• Cardiopulmonary Services
• Infusion services
• Complex wound care
• Skilled nursing for medical services requiring frequent monitoring

How the Swing Bed Program Works
Our patients benefit from a Care Transition Team who helps them achieve the highest level of independence possible. The team meets on a regular basis to review the patient’s progress and consists of:
• Physicians
• Therapists
• Nurses
• Social service
• Dietitian
• Other special service individuals involved in your care

The team evaluates the patient’s needs and provides recommendations to assist in transitioning individuals to their prior or new living arrangement. For more information or to see if you qualify for the Swing Bed Program, call the Care Transition Team at 641.672.3164

Mahaska Health enlists high quality medical staff to meet the unique health needs of our patients. A hospitalist is a physician who is solely dedicated to caring for patients in the hospital setting. This hospitalist physician acts as your primary care provider while you are an inpatient – whether your admission is planned or an emergency.

The hospitalist maintains close communication with your primary care provider, informing them of any changes in your treatment. Upon discharge, your primary care provider will resume responsibility for your care, but hospitalists are available for consultations with your primary care provider and specialists.


Inpatient 1

Hospitalist, Inpatient Medicine

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Matt Olson, MD

Hospitalist, Inpatient Medicine

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Inpatient 2

Hospitalist, Inpatient Medicine

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Lisa Ruckman, MD

Inpatient Medicine

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Inpatient 3

Hospitalist, Inpatient Medicine

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Bryon Bellinger, ARNP-C

Hospitalist, Inpatient Medicine

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