Babies are curious creatures by nature and man are they speedy! One day you’re marveling at your infant rolling from their back to their tummy then the next minute you’ve got a speed racer on your hands, pulling up on anything in reach and putting whatever possible in their mouths.

Though you may have thought baby gates and plug protectors would keep them at bay, unfortunately, curious kiddos on the move often find other exciting things to get into that you may have missed. As a parent, your top priority is to keep them safe. Here’s a few ways you can do just that:

Prepare for bumps and bruises: Does that fireplace corner suddenly scream stitches to you? Pad sharp corners of coffee and end tables, as well as any other toddler-height items to minimize boo boo’s when bumped into.

Check out your plants: Some household plants can be toxic to humans and pets, but your little one will only see a tasty, colorful leaf, flower or dirt! Do your research before leaving your plant within reach of a youngster.

Medications are not candy: Not that your toddler will understand this, but we know medications can be especially dangerous to those they are not prescribed to. Keep fun colored pills and packaging locked up tight from wandering hands looking for a sweet treat.

Pods and tablets: Are you a fan of laundry pods or dishwasher tablets? Those colors scream interesting to a child, so keep them high and dry.

Pick up: When your kiddo starts walking, they aren’t exactly light on their feet. Keep toys and other trip hazards at bay while they navigate new places in your home.

Tie up loose ends: Including those curtain strings! A quick pull from a toddler can send a curtain crashing down on an unsuspecting head. A tangled mess can prove to be a trip and choke hazard too, so tie them at the top of the rod for your hands only.

Clean with caution: Some household cleaners can be especially hazardous if swallowed. Make sure you’ve got them far out of reach for your child.
When it comes to baby-proofing your home, you will find tips and tricks along the way that will keep your kiddo safe. While you can’t save them from every bump and bruise, doing whatever you can to keep them safe will give you peace of mind for years to come!