Cardiology 1

Welcome to the Mahaska Health Cardiology Clinic!

Mahaska Health is proud to be expanding Cardiac services for our community! Cardiologist Dr. John Pargulski will be dedicated to delivering outstanding cardiac care and services, and we look forward to accepting new patients starting in Winter 2023!

At Mahaska Health, patients will have access to a specialist cardiology care team. We will diagnose and treat a variety of heart conditions using state-of-the-art technology and treatments to deliver compassionate care close to home.

Expert care close to home!

Our Cardiac Care Team of experts never miss a beat when it comes to your heart health. They will be here for you, whatever you are facing, and put everything they have into healing you and getting you back to what matters most.

Stress Echo

Stress Testing

Nuclear Medicine

Holter Monitor

Event Heart Monitor


Transthoracic Echocardiography

Ambulatory Monitor (Holter & Event) with Interpretation

ECG with interpretation

Vascular Diagnostic – arterial and venous evaluation

Lipid Management

Ambulatory Monitoring

Cardiology Consults

Heart failure clinic

Heart valve clinic

Adult congenital heart disease

Advanced heart failure clinic

Anticoagulation clinic

Atrial fibrillation clinic

Cardiac rehab referrals


Diagnostic imaging

Heart rhythm center

Pediatric clinic – depends on the problem

Long covid clinic

Medication assistance program

Prevention & wellness clinic

Sports Cardiology

Telehealth (virtual) visit

Valve clinic/structural heart

Chronic Care Management

Remote patient Management

PPM and ICD management

LifeVest monitoring

Counseling to help patients understand and manage the disease process

Beginning an exercise program

Counseling on nutrition from a Registered Nurse, Dietitian or Diabetes Educator

Helping patients modify risks such as high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol,

Physical inactivity and diabetes education

Providing guidance to help our patients return to work

Discussing physical limitations

Emotional support

Counseling on the appropriate use of prescribed medications

Cardiac Rehabilitation Care & Services

Mahaska Health Cardiac Rehabilitation services are provided by a Registered Nurse with Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training and telemetry experience. If you have experienced a heart-related event and wish to enhance your life by taking charge of yourself to combat reoccurrence of the heart disease process, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation can help you.

We are here for you!

Monday – Friday

7:30 AM – 5:00 PM