November 5, 2020  

Mahaska Health Emergency Services has added new video laryngoscopes to their ambulances and emergency department, thanks to a generous grant from the local Eddyville Cargill Cares Council.

Video laryngoscopes are used to increase visualization and help improve the overall process of intubation. “The new laryngoscopes let paramedics better see what they are doing, allowing greater precision and faster intubation for patients,” shared Emergency Services Director, Mike Lang. “This is a wonderful addition to our paramedics’ toolkit.”

Cargill Partners with Mahaska Health Emergency Services 1

EMS Director Mike Lang demonstrates how the video laryngoscopes are used.

Direct laryngoscopy requires paramedics to have the patient’s airway in their line of sight, adjusting the patient’s head to line up the mouth, throat, and vocal cords. “In a situation where a patient’s head and neck mobility are limited, the video laryngoscope’s curved design allows us to more easily intubate,” said Paramedic and Ambulance Services Coordinator, Rob Hanlon. “In an emergency situation, every second counts, and the video laryngoscopes save us precious time.”


Cargill invests in local communities through more than 350 Cargill Cares Councils around the world, with worldwide charitable giving topping $115 million in fiscal year 2020. Mahaska Health Chief Nursing Officer, Andrea Hagist is happy that the Eddyville Cargill Cares Council chose to invest in Mahaska Health. “We are sincerely thankful for Cargill’s support in helping us care for our patients,” she shared. “We are humbled by their generosity and dedication to community building.”


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