MAHASKA COUNTY (February 9, 2021) – Mahaska County Public Health has been notified by the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) that they will be receiving a consistent allocation of COVID-19 vaccine doses weekly to distribute to the community. The next allocation that Mahaska County will receive from IDPH is 400 doses of Moderna vaccine.

“We appreciate the community’s patience as we work to vaccinate people as vaccine supply allows. The amount of vaccine we receive each week continues to be limited and we expect this to be the case for a few more weeks,” stated Public Health Coordinator, Patty Malloy. “We are very excited that as soon as more vaccine is allocated to us, we will be ready to quickly scale up,” added Malloy.

Vaccine doses are still limited, not only in Iowa but around the world and we’re working hard to deliver every available dose of the vaccine as efficiently as we can as soon as they become available. Each county in Iowa is facing a shortage, as are numerous counties across the nation.

Mahaska County remains optimistic as the Iowa Department of Public Health has promised that we will begin to receive a consistent allocation of COVID-19 Vaccine which allows for a much larger number of people who can be immunized, helping us get to our goal to provide the vaccine to everyone who would like to receive one. We do not think the vaccine shortage will get worse, but it will mean getting doses to everyone might take more time.

Iowa is currently in Phase 1-B, tier 1, which focuses on first responders, including fire fighters, police officers, and child welfare workers. Mahaska County will also vaccinate PK-12 school staff, early childhood education, and childcare workers. People 65 years old and older, also qualify under 1-B tier 1. Our seniors are eligible throughout 1-B. Once a group becomes eligible, the group remains eligible throughout the remainder of the vaccine rollout. This means that those who were eligible in 1-A, health care workers, continue to be eligible.

“Mahaska County Public Health is incredibly grateful for our community and our community partnerships. In a word, it is extraordinary and once again, we cannot convey how appreciative we are of our local community. Mahaska County Emergency Management, Mahaska Health, CERT, MCG, and so many, many more that have supported and uplifted our community during this time, during this entire year,” shared Malloy.

We are thankful for our local Hy-Vee Pharmacy, Mahaska Drug Pharmacy, and Wal-Mart Pharmacy who we will be allocating doses to from our supply to help achieve the goal of protecting our community.

Please remember that a second “booster dose” will need to be received after 28 days from the first dose. Plan to receive the second dose from the same provider as the first dose. You will receive an appointment time for your second dose while at your first appointment.

The community is being encouraged to continue signing up for MahaskaAlert messaging system, and to select “Public Health” setting to ensure that the vaccination updates come to you. This messaging can be received via phone, email or text. You can sign up for MahaskaAlert by calling (641) 672-3257 or find the link to sign up on You can also stay up to date with all information on Mahaska County Public Health Facebook, Mahaska Health’s website and the information only line (641) 672-3445. You can also call Mahaska County Public Health with questions at (641) 672-3257.