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Remember & Honor

Let us not forget the brave men and women who fought for our Country.

Harry L. Anderson American Legion Post 34, Oskaloosa, IA

The namesake for the Oskaloosa American Legion, Post 34, is Harry L. Anderson. Harry enlisted into the U S Army, on his own and was part of Company H, 168th Infantry. Harry was proud to be able to enlist and serve his Country at the age of 17.

Private Anderson left Oskaloosa on August 17, 1917, for Germany. His duty was to serve as a bugler for his company. A bugler was a very important part of the Army; they sounded the battle, the charge, retreat, the rally, the bugler sounded the key items to communicate to the company. A key role of buglers was not only necessary for the telling of time and duties in camp but also guided the actions of troops in battle. Anderson was one of the best buglers and local people commented on how great he was.

Anderson eventually became a messenger between units on the battlefield. On March 11, 1918, Private Anderson was killed by a German sniper while delivering important messages to his team. Anderson was the first Mahaska County and Oskaloosa resident killed in the line of duty during WWI and the first casualty from Company H.

Harry L. Anderson was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry “Bud” Anderson. Harry’s father, Bud, served as a Deputy Sheriff of Mahaska County and then as the Chief of Police for Oskaloosa.

The American Legions were born out of the Paris Accord. All the WWI Veterans were sent home, and our US Congress knew that they had to create an organization to help support our veterans. The Oskaloosa Post 34 was organized in May of 1919. Peter Hoar was the first post commander, with 37 original members. The final charter was issued on September 29, 1920.

Post 34 has been active in our community for the past 100 years; from having a community birthday celebration in 1937, for a surviving Civil War Veteran, holding job fairs for veterans, to volunteering at community events. The American Legion is America’s largest veterans service organization. The legacy of time, honor and values drives the American Legion forward.

Here in Oskaloosa at Post 34, soon there will be a display honoring Harry L. Anderson with a WWI war uniform, photographs and Anderson’s story, recently donated by Harry’s nieces and nephews.

Darrin Alderson, Activities Director and House Chair of Post 34 is proud of how many Legion members they have. “Post 34 cooks regular meals for the community, volunteers throughout the community, marches in parades, supports youth programs and more.” Darrin would like the community to come and see the display when it is finished or just drop by the American Legion at any time. “All are welcome!” Darrin exclaimed.

Thank you to everyone who has served our Country and let us never forget the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, especially Harry L. Anderson, a young hero from Oskaloosa, Iowa, who gave his life for our Country.

Special Thank you to Mahaska Health Foundation Director Ann Frost and Darrin Alderson, Activities Director and House Chair of Post 34, for sharing the story of Harry L. Anderson of Oskaloosa, Iowa.

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