Advanced Orthopaedic Medicine Close to Home! 1
Mahaska Health Orthopaedic Team and Richard Danowsky pictured after Richards recovery! (L-R) Michael Shaw, PA-C, MPAS, Richard Danowsky, Neil Schwimley, DO, FAANA.

Richard Danowsky, a Sigourney resident, had been experiencing knee complications for far too long. He was hopeful that a major medical center in Iowa would be able to grant him a pain-free life again.

However, after his initial knee replacement surgery, he was still experiencing complications! Walking was still painful, and he hoped the popping sound he was hearing would go away with time, but as weeks wore on, the Danouskys knew something had to change. Even though they had lived in Sigourney for about 20 years, they had never considered moving their care to a local hospital.

They looked into the process of orthopaedic surgery somewhere closer to home. Then, Richard’s wife suggested Mahaska Health and found that Mahaska Health was what they had been looking for! Professional, fellowship-trained, and knowledgeable orthopaedic surgeons in a familiar place to them. “I was going to go to Des Moines, but it looks like you’ve brought Des Moines closer.” shared Richard.

After finding Mahaska Health, Richard started his journey to a pain-free life! “Coming here, I’ve never had a bad experience because everybody is focused on your needs and your care.” The Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine department’s Dr. Schwimley, DO, FAANA, and Mike Shaw, PA-C, MPAS, created a plan of care specifically designed for Richard. They chose to use the Conformis knee replacement so that Richard could have a knee replacement that truly fit his body seamlessly. A preoperative CT scan helps the surgeons know precisely how to fit the replacement to the anatomy of the patient’s body.

With successful surgery, Richard recovered quickly and returned to the life he loves in eastern Iowa. He said, “You guys put the care back in healthcare. It is a culture here.” He was so relieved to have doctors and nurses who understood the kind of care he needed and who were always willing to work with him to find the best treatment options. Impressed with the level of care he received, Richard said that he always recommends Mahaska Health to his friends and family.

Here at Mahaska Health, we want every patient to live the best life possible! That means that care should be easy, timely, and tailored to the individual. Our fellowship-trained surgeons and the rest of our knowledgeable care teams are here for you when it matters most. To learn more about our amazing orthopedic and sports medicine team, visit Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine.