At Mahaska Health, we believe in celebrating the dedicated professionals who help us share our mission with our community. Today, we shine a spotlight on our talented in-house photographer, Morgan Van Wyk. The photos Morgan takes celebrate Mahaska Health’s newborns, help us share and celebrate our special events, and the Mahaska Health team.

Morgan’s Pursuit of Photography

In college, Morgan studied graphic design and photography. Initially pursuing a career in graphic design, her love for capturing moments from behind the lens led her to transition into photography full-time. By taking chances and continuously learning new skills, Morgan has built a successful photography business.

Integral Part of the Team

Spending three to four days a week on campus at Mahaska Health Morgan captures everything from special events to the precious first moments of newborns at the Mahaska Health Birthing Center. Her ability to highlight the best in our patients, providers, and community members, Morgan is an asset to Mahaska Health.

“Our moms are always excited to meet with Morgan and discuss her Newborn Photography. She is amazing at connecting with patients, providers, and community members to showcase them at their best.” shares Erica Clair, RN, Mahaska Health Birthing Center Director.

Continuous Learning

As a professional photographer Morgan is dedicated to mastering her craft, regularly attending classes to refine her skills in lighting, camera techniques, and new technologies. Her commitment to growth ensures she consistently produces high-quality, professional photographs that capture the essence of Mahaska Health.

Life outside Photography

Morgan lives in Pella, Iowa, with her husband Jared. Morgan and Jared are excited to welcome their first baby in July! Outside of her professional life, Morgan enjoys reading, exploring the outdoors, walking her dogs, attending concerts, and trying new foods.

Celebrating Mahaska Health Photographer, Morgan Van Wyk! 1

Thank You, Morgan!

Morgan Van Wyk’s work with Mahaska Health has enriched our community. Her talent, dedication, and ability to connect with people create unique moments that tell our community’s stories. We are grateful for her contributions and look forward to many more beautiful moments captured through her lens.

Accepting New Clients

More about Morgan and her business can be found at