July 10th, 2024

A recent study from the Iowa Hospital Association reported that in 2023 alone, Mahaska Health generated nearly a thousand jobs that contributed over $68 million in wages for Oskaloosa’s economy. These local employment and income sources enrich the financial health of the county and state of Iowa by serving patients locally. Mahaska Health continues to serve its community with the highest level of care possible by adding comprehensive cardiology, cancer care, OB/GYN and Women’s Health Services. With four nationally recognized and award-winning Centers of Excellence in Maternity Care & Birthing Center, Cardiology, General Surgery, and Surgical and Medical Oncology, Mahaska Health continues to lead in providing exceptional healthcare services.

Every year, the American Hospital Association surveys data from hospitals. Last year, their study found that Iowa hospitals employed 137,841 people, providing over $9 billion in wages. This positively impacts local communities throughout Iowa as it allows individuals and families to thrive financially. Additionally, hospital expenses accounted for over $21.3 billion of the state’s gross domestic product, contributing to the overall financial health of the state.

“We are fortunate to have a hospital of this caliber in our community,” shared Chuck Webb, Mahaska Country Board of Supervisors Member. “There are services offered here that are only available in large metro areas. Not only is the economic impact great, but the services provided are strongly needed.”

The employment opportunities, wage generation, and expenses expressed in the survey results are direct responses to local community needs. These increases are positive effects of expanding programs and services made possible by community-focused leadership and support.

“Iowa’s hospitals and health systems implemented the programs and services accounted for in this study in response to their communities’ needs,” shared IHA President and CEO Chris Mitchell. “With IHA’s advocacy, these efforts help ensure the financial stability of hospitals, making it possible for them to provide the services and programs most needed by the people they serve.”

Mahaska Health, a physician and nurse led hospital, is committed to its mission of enhancing the quality of life for residents. By continuing to expand services and programs, Mahaska Health seeks not only to address the immediate health needs of patients but also to keep contributing to the economic vitality of Oskaloosa and the Southeast Iowa region. To learn more about Mahaska Health and the services offered, visit mahaskahealth.org.

Mahaska Health Boosts Local Economy and Provides Expanded Care for Community 1

Pictured: Mahaska Health Surgeons with Iowa Center of Excellence Awards for General Surgery and Surgical & Medical Oncology (l-r), Dr. Kollmorgen, Oncology Medical Director & Vice President of Medical Affairs, Dr. Riggs, General Surgeon, Dr. Van Maanen, Surgery Medical Director, and Dr. Breon, Chief Medical Officer.

About Mahaska Health:

Mahaska Health is committed to providing compassionate, patient-centered care, state-of-the-art facilities, and outstanding healthcare to Oskaloosa, surrounding communities, and the southeast Iowa region. With a caring and compassionate team of professionals, Mahaska Health is a physician and nurse-led hospital dedicated to the health and well-being of the communities we serve with kindness and empathy.