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A Quick Prick Will Do the Trick

Do needles send you running for the hills? No one probably enjoys getting a needle poke, but they’re for good reason! Did you know that because of vaccines, some diseases like smallpox have been completely removed from the world (except for in controlled lab settings) thanks to vaccines? Maybe that poke isn’t such a bad idea?

Family Practice Physician Eric Miller, DO, is dedicated to making sure your whole family is protected with vaccines by busting myths associated with immunizations. In the past, people have blamed vaccines for autism and have claimed that vaccines actually make them sick. Neither one of these are true! In fact, vaccines are pretty amazing! They’re made of either dead or weakened antigens that cause diseases, helping you build up antibodies against them without ever having to actually get sick. Talk about a little pain for a whole lot of benefit!

Other reasons you should consider getting vaccinated:

  • Protecting your loved ones: Not only do you reap the benefits of a vaccine, but you can protect those around you from catching an illness too! Especially those elderly family members or wee ones who aren’t as skilled at fighting off those bugs themselves.
  • Protecting those who can’t get vaccinated: Unfortunately, some people cannot get vaccines due to illness or allergies to ingredients. That’s where you come in! The more people vaccinated, the less likely a serious illness can spread and catch an unvaccinated person who may already be fighting with a weakened immune system.
  • Traveling: Going to a fun tropical place for winter? Make sure you’re up-to-date on your shots! New places means new illnesses; don’t be caught unprotected.
  • You just plain don’t want it!: Thankfully, parents of today likely haven’t seen the devastating effects a disease like polio can have on a child. However, these diseases still exist and can cause harm to your little one if not properly vaccinated. While they may be uncomfortable for a short time, even shed a few tears, the temporary discomfort can provide them with a lifetime of protection they will thank you for later!

Not only is it important to vaccinate and avoid all of these issues, it’s equally important to stick to the schedule recommended by your primary care provider. It may seem overwhelming, getting multiple vaccines at each visit during your child’s first two years of life, but it’s for a great cause! By getting vaccines on time, your child isn’t at risk for a lapse in immunity and consequently, a risk of infection. Not only that, but the immunizations help protect other kids they’re spending time with to avoid exposure too, something all parents can appreciate!

Thanks to vaccines and modern medicine, we are lucky to be able to protect ourselves and loved ones from multiple illnesses and ailments our previous generations were not able to avoid. Take care of your loved ones by getting vaccinated regularly, and keep an eye open for your next important vaccine, flu shots are coming soon at MHP!

Published Aug 24, 2017

Eric Miller, DO

Family Practice Physician Eric Miller, DO, practices full time in the MHP Medical Group. Growing up with a Pediatrician Mother and Farmer Father, Dr. Miller enjoys caring for families in a rural setting. He describes himself as more of a listener than a talker and enjoys hearing about a patient’s life experiences. In his free time, Dr. Miller enjoys the outdoors and building model trains.

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