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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine uses isotopes and relies on the process of radioactive decay in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. In nuclear medicine imaging, radiopharmaceuticals are injected through IV or ingested orally. Then, cameras capture and form images from the radiation emitted by the radiopharmaceuticals. 

This kind of imaging is useful to look at certain diseases and anatomy such as gallbladders, stress fractures and different cancers. Your doctor may order this in conjunction with CT, MRI or ultrasound exams.

Preparing for your exam

These scans are offered at MHP every Thursday. We will notify patients on Wednesday of their appointment time and will share any special instructions. If you need to cancel, please call Radiology at 641.672.3322 before 9 pm on Wednesday. This will allow us to cancel the order for the isotope that is prepared the day ahead and prevent a patient billing for this pharmaceutical.