Latex-Safe Environment Policy

mylar balloonsTo protect our patients, visitors and staff, Mahaska Health Partnership has become a latex-safe environment and will no longer allow latex balloons in our facility, due to latex allergy concerns. We have no restrictions on mylar (foil) balloons.

MHP has taken this measure for safety concerns. Studies show that roughly six percent of the general population and up to 15 percent of healthcare workers are allergic to latex, with the higher rate among medical personnel due to longer periods of contact with natural rubber. The more often a person is exposed to latex, the greater his or her chance of developing an allergy.

The serious allergic reaction people suffer from latex allergies can be rapid in onset and is similair to those cause by foods such as peanuts. In extreme cases, anaphylactic shock, which can occur within minutes of an exposure, can lead to death.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact 641.672.3127.